Is low calcium the cause for white spots under nails?

Low Calcium and white spots

If you ask anybody about what might have caused the white spots under your nails, they will say is because you have a calcium deficiency. Their self-assured answer is then followed by ten minutes of dietary instructions on what you need to eat and what bad foods you need to cut from your menu. While a lack of minerals may cause marks on your nails, there is a low probability that low calcium levels may trigger them. In fact, the main reasons for white spots on your fingernails are:

  • A fungal virus
  • Cheap nail polish
  • Trauma
  • Bad habits

Regardless of which of the above have caused the spots on your nails, you should maintain a balanced diet that includes significant amounts of minerals. However, you should identify the exact trigger before you start eating two gallons of yogurt every day and hoping the marks will go away.

Fungal infections

While most white spots under nails are virtually harmless, you should pay attention to their development. If they increase in size once every few days, and the nail becomes crumbly or discolored, you might be suffering from onychomycosis. This medical condition is a fungal infection that you obtained from wandering in a dirty environment. Fungi are responsible for several types of damage to your nail bed, including spots, lines, and ridges.

If the marks are gradually growing each day, you need to take immediate action. Your best choice of treatment against fungal infections is ZetaClear – an organically sourced remedy that contains a significant quantity of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. This potent mix of natural ingredients gets rid of onychomycosis and all its bothersome effects in less than two months. Regular use eliminates spots, grooves and all sorts of corruption caused by fungus.

Cheap nail polish

Using economic nail polish may not hang so heavy on your expenses list, but it has the potential to ruin your fingernails. Cheap cosmetic products are a gamble. In fact, the less they cost, the higher is the chance of harming your body. Most of these beautifying gimmicks contain chemicals and toxins that may affect the structure and color of your nails.

If cheap nail polish is the reason behind the white spots on your fingernails, the obvious remedial measure is to stop using it. However, it might take as much as a full year for the nail bed to recover its natural color and texture. To cut this period short, you can use ZetaClear and safely restore the original complexion to your nails without risking any adverse side effects.

Traumatic incidents

White spots may be the cause of you hitting your nails on a door or a piece of furniture. Usually, these marks appear a few days after the incident took place, so it is difficult to determine their cause. In this case, your best option is to wait for the nail to grow and the marks to go away on their own.

Bad habits

Clinical studies show that the tendency to bite on your nails frequently may be the cause of white spots covering them. This unknowingly acquired quirk is enough to damage the nail bed and slow its development. Conscientious impediment of this habit can slowly but steadily eliminate the damage and allow the fingernails to grow naturally.

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