White spots under my nails

White spots under nails

The white spots under your nails are called “leukonychia,” and it is estimated that 85% of the population develops them at one point in their lives. Contrary to general opinion, these marks are not necessarily a sign of calcium deficiency. In fact, their harmless appearance is a result of one of the following causes:

  • Fungal infections
  • Allergies
  • Hits, blows, and bumps
  • Lack of minerals

You may be suffering from one or more of these spot-triggering reasons. It is essential that you identify the exact “culprit” before attempting to treat the problem.


This medical condition is commonly known as toenail fungus because it mainly affects the feet. Nevertheless, it is a contagious disease that can quickly spread to your fingernails as well. Onychomycosis is caused by the fungi present on dirty carpets and shower floors, which attack the nail bed and change its structure as well as its color. In time, your nails become brittle, yellow and easily breakable.

One of the first symptoms of a fungal infection is the sudden appearance of white spots under your nails. You can quickly stop the disease from spreading if you use ZetaClear – the best toenail treatment available on the market right now. This remedy is composed of natural ingredients only. It is a unique blend of herbal extracts and organic acids that attack the fungi and eliminates it in less than six weeks. Long-term use restores the natural color and texture to your nails and gets rid of spots, marks, and possible scars.

Allergic reactions

Your body may have an allergic reaction to certain types of nail polish or soaps. Cheap cosmetics cause spots under the nails and even ridges that cut across them. It is essential to change the current beautifying products you use if you notice these damage marks on your fingernails.

Medical studies have revealed that white spots can take up to eight months to disappear from your nails. The damage produced slows the nail growth and prolongs the time until the marks are eliminated. To accelerate this process, you can use a natural, highly efficient treatment for nails like ZetaClear. The organic formula of potent nutrients sustains the rapid development of your fingernails and the gradual restoration of their color.

Nail injuries

White spots under the nails may be the cause of traumatic incidents like hits, bumps, and blows. Many times, these marks appear long after the event has even disappeared from your memory, so it is even more difficult to determine their origins. Nevertheless, you should know that at this point the marks are harmless for your health and they will go away if you use proper remedies like ZetaClear, or wait between six and ten months to go away on their own.

Mineral deficiencies

The lack of essential minerals like Zinc, Magnesium, and Calcium may lead to small, white marks under the nails. The good news is that you can easily prevent their appearance by consuming more dairy products and fresh produce. However, if their presence on your fingernails persists try using ZetaClear for quick and easy removal.

Is polish guilty for the white spots?

Fingernails are a sign of your personality. They show how clean and tidy you can be, as well as how much attention you pay to small details.

Polish and white spots under nails

For women, the shiny, natural jewels that adorn their fingers have even greater importance. In this regard, they use various cosmetics that beautify them. However, the same products may also damage them. Any lady that has noticed spots on or under their nails has wondered if these were the result of lousy polish. It is time to find out! Here are just a few of the side effects that cheap polish produces:

  • White patches
  • Black spots under nails
  • Vertical Ridges

When you notice one or all of these signs on your nails, you need to determine the exact cause before taking any measures. Very often, quitting a nail polish is not enough, and only by using a remedy for damaged nails you can restore them to their original health condition.

White circles under nails

The white, circular spots that sometimes appear on your nails may be the result of an injury. Striking your finger with a sharp object can create this marks of trauma that only appear a few days after the event took place. Other reasons for their sudden appearance include cheap polish, vitamin deficiency, a fungal infection or dehydration.

If you obtained them from an injury, the white spots would disappear gradually after each trimming and as quick as your nails develop. However, if their cause is a fungal infection, you will have to use a powerful treatment like ZetaClear. This natural remedy will destroy the fungus and its marks while restoring the nail’s natural color and strength.

Black marks on your nails

Nail damage can be intimidating especially when it comes in the form of black spots under nails. These tiny dots can increase in size if they signal the presence of fungus and the development of onychomycosis. This medical condition is a gradual corruption of your nail bed under the carving power of viruses and bacteria. If left untreated, this illness can lead to your nails breaking and falling off completely.

Your best choice of treatment against black spots under nails is ZetaClear – the no.1 choice of remedies for nail damage according to customer surveys. User reviews have shown that you quickly get rid of onychomycosis and other nail abnormalities with the help of this 100% natural solution. Daily use removes patches, spots, and marks while eliminating the presence of fungi.

Vertical lines across your nails

Cheap polish can leave thin, vertical lines that on your nail bed. While they rarely accompany black spots under nails, they can be a side effect of a fungal infection. This condition turns nails into brittle, discolored tissue that can signal their eventual breakage if you do not apply proper treatment.

According to medical recommendations, to make sure that your nails regain their natural smoothness and color, you need to groom them often, clean the tools that you use and avoid unsterilized surfaces. Together with the curing power of ZetaClear, you can get rid of spots, marks and fungal infections permanently.

Is low calcium the cause for white spots under nails?

Low Calcium and white spots

If you ask anybody about what might have caused the white spots under your nails, they will say is because you have a calcium deficiency. Their self-assured answer is then followed by ten minutes of dietary instructions on what you need to eat and what bad foods you need to cut from your menu. While a lack of minerals may cause marks on your nails, there is a low probability that low calcium levels may trigger them. In fact, the main reasons for white spots on your fingernails are:

  • A fungal virus
  • Cheap nail polish
  • Trauma
  • Bad habits

Regardless of which of the above have caused the spots on your nails, you should maintain a balanced diet that includes significant amounts of minerals. However, you should identify the exact trigger before you start eating two gallons of yogurt every day and hoping the marks will go away.

Fungal infections

While most white spots under nails are virtually harmless, you should pay attention to their development. If they increase in size once every few days, and the nail becomes crumbly or discolored, you might be suffering from onychomycosis. This medical condition is a fungal infection that you obtained from wandering in a dirty environment. Fungi are responsible for several types of damage to your nail bed, including spots, lines, and ridges.

If the marks are gradually growing each day, you need to take immediate action. Your best choice of treatment against fungal infections is ZetaClear – an organically sourced remedy that contains a significant quantity of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. This potent mix of natural ingredients gets rid of onychomycosis and all its bothersome effects in less than two months. Regular use eliminates spots, grooves and all sorts of corruption caused by fungus.

Cheap nail polish

Using economic nail polish may not hang so heavy on your expenses list, but it has the potential to ruin your fingernails. Cheap cosmetic products are a gamble. In fact, the less they cost, the higher is the chance of harming your body. Most of these beautifying gimmicks contain chemicals and toxins that may affect the structure and color of your nails.

If cheap nail polish is the reason behind the white spots on your fingernails, the obvious remedial measure is to stop using it. However, it might take as much as a full year for the nail bed to recover its natural color and texture. To cut this period short, you can use ZetaClear and safely restore the original complexion to your nails without risking any adverse side effects.

Traumatic incidents

White spots may be the cause of you hitting your nails on a door or a piece of furniture. Usually, these marks appear a few days after the incident took place, so it is difficult to determine their cause. In this case, your best option is to wait for the nail to grow and the marks to go away on their own.

Bad habits

Clinical studies show that the tendency to bite on your nails frequently may be the cause of white spots covering them. This unknowingly acquired quirk is enough to damage the nail bed and slow its development. Conscientious impediment of this habit can slowly but steadily eliminate the damage and allow the fingernails to grow naturally.

Black spots and white patches under nails

Black Spots and nails

Your fingernails often feel like one of the least essential parts of your body. Occasionally they prove useful when opening a bag of snacks or picking that obnoxious popcorn peel stuck between your teeth. You trim them, file them and sometimes polish them. Other than that, you rarely even notice them. However, as soon as black spots and white patches cover them, your entire world comes crashing down. Your nails are now a sign of poor hygiene and carelessness, and you avoid showing your hands for too long in public.

Before you decide on wearing gloves for the rest of your life, you should know the white spots under nails causes and effects, as well as which remedy you should use to restore their natural color. Here is a short guide to regaining your smooth, glowing fingernails:

  • Identify the problem
  • Find the causes for black spots
  • Get rid of patches and ridges
  • Ensure long-term protection

Simply by following these four steps, you will be able to enhance the well-being of your nails. Furthermore, with the right treatment, your nails will quickly become again the mostly obsolete shiny parts of your body.

1. How to differentiate between nail abnormalities

Your nails may suffer from various types of damage. Horizontal lines increase the fragility of the nail bed and are usually a sign of internal illness. Vertical ridges are mostly thin and shallow, but they signal a lack of vitamins and minerals. White spots under nails causes usually come from harmless incidents, but they tend to cover the entire nail if you leave them untreated.

The good news is that you only need one treatment for most of these conditions: ZetaClear. The revolutionary remedy for fungal infections and nail abnormalities can restore the natural color and texture of your nail in less than two months.

2. What caused the spots under your nails?

The sudden appearance of white spots under nails causes panic for many sufferers. Together with black patches, these marks may come from everything including fungal infections, injuries and mineral deficiencies. In most cases, they are harmless and will go away on their own in about eight months.

However, if you intend to speed up that process, you can use a safe and effective fungal treatment like ZetaClear. This natural remedy removes diseases like onychomycosis and their symptoms in just six weeks of daily treatment.

A few more words about what causes spots under nails here.

3. Get back your shiny, beautiful nails

According to this medical study, the key to having healthy nails again is to pick the best treatment you can find. According to customer reviews, the most efficient cure for spots and patches under the fingernails is ZetaClear. Due to its entirely organic composition, this formula for fungal infections restores your nails to their initial condition without any side effects.

4. Ensure long-term protection

A sure way of getting back your bright nails quickly and safely is to be consistent in your choice. By using the oral spray and topical solution from ZetaClear for an extended period, you provide your body with the necessary nutrients for a speedy and efficient recovery.

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