Black spots and white patches under nails

Black Spots and nails

Your fingernails often feel like one of the least essential parts of your body. Occasionally they prove useful when opening a bag of snacks or picking that obnoxious popcorn peel stuck between your teeth. You trim them, file them and sometimes polish them. Other than that, you rarely even notice them. However, as soon as black spots and white patches cover them, your entire world comes crashing down. Your nails are now a sign of poor hygiene and carelessness, and you avoid showing your hands for too long in public.

Before you decide on wearing gloves for the rest of your life, you should know the white spots under nails causes and effects, as well as which remedy you should use to restore their natural color. Here is a short guide to regaining your smooth, glowing fingernails:

  • Identify the problem
  • Find the causes for black spots
  • Get rid of patches and ridges
  • Ensure long-term protection

Simply by following these four steps, you will be able to enhance the well-being of your nails. Furthermore, with the right treatment, your nails will quickly become again the mostly obsolete shiny parts of your body.

1. How to differentiate between nail abnormalities

Your nails may suffer from various types of damage. Horizontal lines increase the fragility of the nail bed and are usually a sign of internal illness. Vertical ridges are mostly thin and shallow, but they signal a lack of vitamins and minerals. White spots under nails causes usually come from harmless incidents, but they tend to cover the entire nail if you leave them untreated.

The good news is that you only need one treatment for most of these conditions: ZetaClear. The revolutionary remedy for fungal infections and nail abnormalities can restore the natural color and texture of your nail in less than two months.

2. What caused the spots under your nails?

The sudden appearance of white spots under nails causes panic for many sufferers. Together with black patches, these marks may come from everything including fungal infections, injuries and mineral deficiencies. In most cases, they are harmless and will go away on their own in about eight months.

However, if you intend to speed up that process, you can use a safe and effective fungal treatment like ZetaClear. This natural remedy removes diseases like onychomycosis and their symptoms in just six weeks of daily treatment.

A few more words about what causes spots under nails here.

3. Get back your shiny, beautiful nails

According to this medical study, the key to having healthy nails again is to pick the best treatment you can find. According to customer reviews, the most efficient cure for spots and patches under the fingernails is ZetaClear. Due to its entirely organic composition, this formula for fungal infections restores your nails to their initial condition without any side effects.

4. Ensure long-term protection

A sure way of getting back your bright nails quickly and safely is to be consistent in your choice. By using the oral spray and topical solution from ZetaClear for an extended period, you provide your body with the necessary nutrients for a speedy and efficient recovery.

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