What causes spots under nails

Fingernails are some of the first details that someone notices when making your acquaintance. Dirty, brittle or spotted nails are always a sign of disease and poor hygiene, so it is up to you to ensure their constant impeccability.

The causes of spots under nails

While you may take extra care in keeping your nails clean and smooth, specific events may lead to them being covered in white spots. These marks can damage their appearance and make you look clumsy or sick. Fortunately, you can eliminate them if you find the exactly what causes them from the following reasons:

    • Fungus
    • Injuries
    • Malnutrition
    • Internal diseases

It is essential that you discover the exact factor that triggered the appearance of spots and marks under your nails. Next, you can quickly treat both the cause and the effect with the right remedy.


Spending too much time in dirty environments may transform you into the ideal victim for fungal infections. Viruses and bacteria are present everywhere, but they overpopulate shower floors, gyms and pool facilities. A weak immune system allows for fungi to breach your nail bed and destroy its structure slowly but steadily. This disease evolves from spots and marks to deep ridges, yellow patches and a wholly corrupted condition of your nails.

Spots under nails caused by dirty environment

It might be difficult to prevent such infections, but you can quickly cure them by using ZetaClear. This over-the-counter remedy is the no.1 treatment for onychomycosis on the market. It uses an entirely natural composition of nutrients and herbal extracts to destroy fungus, eliminate it and prevent further attacks. So far, it has helped thousands of satisfied users escape fungus and all its damaging side effects.


White marks and grey spots may appear on your nails as a result of an injury. Shutting your fingers in a door, or miskicking a ball during a sports activity can lead to nail trauma. Usually, this damage is harmless and heals naturally in just a few days. However, it can also lead to a significant infection that can cause complete breakage to your nails.

If you want to accelerate the healing process of your nails, you need to use quick and efficient remedies like ZetaClear. This treatment for fungus is packed with vitamins and minerals that fuel the body with the necessary nutrients for rapid and sustained nail growth.


Bad food causes spots under nails

Too much fast food, processed meat, and sweetened beverages deprive your body of essential nutrients. Medical research has proven that vitamins, minerals, and organic acids are crucial for the proper development of each part of your body, including your nails. Without these nourishing factors, you risk losing the smooth, shiny appearance of your fingernails to spots, marks, and ridges.

You add more fresh produce to your daily meals and substitute sodas for natural juices to increase the number of vitamins that your body is receiving. Additionally, you can use the topical solution from ZetaClear to boost the level of precious minerals that promote and sustain healthy nail development.

Internal diseases

It is rare for internal ailments like liver disease, an enlarged heart condition or a kidney illness to cause spots on your nails. However, if the marks on your fingernails are not caused by fungus, malnutrition or injury, you might want to undergo an elaborate medical exam and determine if an underlying medical condition is responsible for them or not.

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